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Rope & Rigging  

Yacht Braid per Foot

Choose from a wide selection of yacht braids manufactured by leading rope manufacturers worldwide.

The Binnacle offers Canadian rope built by Novatec Braids, Ltd. in Yarmouth, NS.

Orion Cordage is a Canadian company, headquartered in Ontario. They supply The Binnacle with Orion Durastat Double Braid Polyester rope made in Maine.

Samson Rope Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 company with two manufacturing facilities located in the U.S.

They manufacture some of our premium and core dependant yacht braids, using various materials, including nylon, polyester, HMPE-blended cores, HMPE Amsteel, and Dyneema® SK78 fibre.

Marlow Ropes is the leading British-made rope manufacturer and specializes in the design and innovation of high-performance rope products using the very latest hi-tech and exotic man-made fibres.

The Binnacle offers a wide range of Marlow ropes and rope products, including rope splicing tools and accessories.

Marlow rope products are used around the world in a variety of industries, and they continue to manufacture on the same site for over 200 years.

Austria's Robline has over 225 years of rope-making experience. Today, they manufacture using a wide assortment of base materials, with Dyneema®, LCP's, PBO and polyester. The Binnacle stocks the Robline Dinghy control lines for our high-performance dinghy sailors. 
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Robline Sirius 500 Polyester 5 mm Silver/Blue (per Ft.) #: 12940 

Our Price: $0.44 
Samson XLS3 Yacht Braid Rope - 6 mm (per ft.) #: 35814 

Our Price: $0.59 
Samson XLS3 Yacht Braid Rope - 8 mm (per ft.) #: 35815 

Our Price: $1.00 
Samson XLS3 Yacht Braid Rope - 10 mm (per ft.) #: 35817 

Our Price: $1.30 
Samson XLS3 Yacht Braid Rope - 12 mm (per ft.) #: 35821 

Our Price: $1.60 
Marlow Doublebraid Polyester 8mm (per Ft.) #: 15840 

Our Price: $0.85 
Marlow Doublebraid Polyester 10mm (per Ft.) #: 15841 

Our Price: $1.20 
Marlow Doublebraid Polyester 12mm (per Ft.) #: 15847 

Our Price: $1.85 
Polyester Yacht Braid Rope 3/16 In. (per ft.) #: 15100 

Our Price: $0.26 
Polyester Yacht Braid Rope 1/4 In. (per ft.) #: 15105 

Our Price: $0.30 
Polyester Yacht Braid Rope 5/16 In. (per ft.) #: 15108 

Our Price: $0.38 
Polyester Yacht Braid Rope 3/8 In. (per ft.) #: 15110 

Our Price: $0.51 
Polyester Yacht Braid Rope 7/16 In. (per ft.) #: 15115 

Our Price: $0.68 
Polyester Yacht Braid Rope 1/2 In. (per ft.) #: 15118 

From: Starting At: $0.00   to  $0.76 
Polyester Yacht Braid Rope 5/8 In. (per ft.) #: 15121 

Our Price: $1.20 
Yacht Braid Rope Solid Colour 3/16 In. (per ft.) #: 48240 

Our Price: $0.26 
Yacht Braid Rope Solid Colour 1/4 In. (per ft.) #: 48238 

Our Price: $0.34 
Yacht Braid Rope Solid Colour 5/16 In. (per ft.) #: 48235 

Our Price: $0.43 
Yacht Braid Rope Solid Colour 3/8 In. (per ft.) #: 15125 

Our Price: $0.59 
Yacht Braid Rope Solid Colour 1/2 In. (per ft.) #: 15124 

Our Price: $0.94 
Novabraid NovaLite Polypropylene Dinghy Braid 1/4 in. (per Ft.) #: 15161 

Our Price: $0.26 
Novabraid NovaLite Polypropylene Dinghy Braid 5/16 (per Ft.) #: 15130 

Our Price: $0.30 
Eye Splice - Labour #: SPLICE 

Our Price: $15.00 
Rope Whipping - Labour #: WHIPPING 

Our Price: $5.00 
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