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PYI PSS Shaft Seal

PYI Type A Packless Sealing System Shaft Seals
The PSS Shaft Seal from PYI is the number one selling marine mechanical shaft seal worldwide.
A PSS Shaft Seal is a mechanical face seal that is created between the flat surfaces of a rotating stainless steel rotor and a stationary carbon flange.
The Binnacle stocks a number of popular PSS Shaft Seal sizes, and can special order whatever shaft diameter and stuffing box combination you require.
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PSS Shaft Seals - 7/8" to 1-1/4" Imperial Shaft Diameters #: 24269 
From: $319.95   to  $479.95 
PSS Shaft Seals - 1-1/2" and Larger Imperial Shaft Diameters #: 10948 
From: $471.95   to  $1,219.00 
PSS Shaft Seals - 25mm and 30mm Metric Shaft Diameters #: 33035 
From: $303.95   to  $359.95 
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