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NMEA2000® Network Cables and Accessories

The NMEA 2000® standard contains the requirements of a serial data communications network to interconnect marine electronic equipment on vessels.

NMEA 2000® is a registered Trademark of the National Marine Electronics Association.

The standard describes a low-cost, moderate-capacity bi-directional, multi-transmitter/multi-receiver instrument network to interconnect marine electronic devices. It is multi-master and self-configuring, and there is no central network controller.

Equipment designed to this standard will have the ability to share data, including commands and status, with other compatible equipment over a single channel. It is based on CAN (Controller Area Network).

All products that read and or transmit NMEA 2000 information must be certified by NMEA.
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Actisense A2K-4WD NMEA 2000 4 Way Instrument Drop #: 37771 

Our Price: $111.95 
Actisense NMEA2000 Field Fit Connector Right-Angled Female A2K-FFC-RF #: 37775 

Our Price: $33.45 
Actisense NMEA2000 Field Fit Connector Right-Angled Male A2K-FFC-RM #: 37776 

Our Price: $33.45 
Actisense NMEA2000 Micro Gender Changer Female to Female 0.25m #: 37777 

Our Price: $36.70 
Actisense Smart Universal Micro Inline Terminator A2K-TER-U #: 14563 

Our Price: $43.20 
Ancor NMEA 2000 Male Blanking Cap 270112 #: 24547 

Our Price: $8.70 
Navico NMEA2000 Micro-C Low Loss 4 Way Joiner 000-12612-001 #: 37376 

Our Price: $63.95 
Navico Simnet Extension Cable - 2M #: 40741 

Our Price: $54.95 
Navico Simnet to Micro-C Cable 4M #: 37749 

Our Price: $47.95 
Raymarine A06082 STng Male to DeviceNet Female Adapter #: 37764 

Our Price: $39.95 
Actisense A2K-SBN-1 Small Boat NMEA2000 Network 4 Way #: 37790 

Our Price: $103.95 
Actisense NBF-3 NMEA 0183 Buffer #: 30038 

Our Price: $330.95 
Ancor NMEA 2000 Single Device Starter Kit 270201 #: 37609 

Our Price: $95.95 
Ancor NMEA 2000 Dual Device Starter Kit 270202 #: 37599 

Our Price: $121.95 
Ancor NMEA 2000 Power Cable with Tee - 1 Meter 270000 #: 37595 

Our Price: $35.95 
Ancor NMEA 2000 Backbone Cables #: 37584 
From: $31.20   to  $79.95 
Ancor NMEA 2000 Drop Cables #: 37588 
From: $23.95   to  $47.20 
Ancor NMEA 2000 Single Tee Connector 270101 #: 37596 

Our Price: $27.95 
Ancor NMEA 2000 90 Degree Elbow Connector #: 37578 

Our Price: $23.95 
Ancor NMEA 2000 Female Blanking Cap 270111 #: 24511 

Our Price: $10.20 
Ancor NMEA 2000 Two Way Tee Connector 270103 #: 37597 

Our Price: $45.45 
Ancor NMEA 2000 Four Way Tee Connector 270104 #: 37598 

Our Price: $55.95 
Ancor NMEA 2000 Female Terminator #: 37592 

Our Price: $19.20 
Ancor NMEA 2000 Male Terminator 270106 #: 37593 

Our Price: $19.20 
SimNet to Micro-C (Male) Cable 24005729 #: 37444 

Our Price: $43.95 
Simrad N2k Micro-C Network Starter Kit 000-10760-001 #: 40898 

Our Price: $83.95 
Simrad SimNet 3 Prong Multi-Joiner #: 38366 

Our Price: $35.95 
Garmin NMEA 2000 Power Cable 010-11079-00 #: 28422 

Our Price: $27.20 
Navico N2k Network NMEA2000 Starter Kit 000-0124-69 #: 37370 

Our Price: $95.95 
Navico N2k Backbone or Drop Cable - 2 Ft. 000-0119-88 #: 37371 

Our Price: $34.20 
Navico N2k Backbone or Drop Cable - 6 Ft. 000-0127-53 #: 37372 

Our Price: $47.95 
Navico N2k Backbone or Drop Cable - 15 Ft. 000-0119-86 #: 37373 

Our Price: $59.95 
Navico N2k Backbone or Drop Cable - 25 Ft. 000-0119-83 #: 37374 

Our Price: $79.95 
Navico N2k Power Cable W 5-pin T-connector 000-0119-75 #: 37378 

Our Price: $55.95 
Navico N2k T-connector 000-0119-79 #: 37375 

Our Price: $23.95 
Navico N2k Terminating Resistor Set 000-0127-52 #: 37377 

Our Price: $23.95 
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Ancor NMEA 2000 BASIC INSTALLATION GUIDE - Courtesy Ancor Products

Six Basic NMEA2000® Component Types and Where to Use
Power Tee
Connects to Power Source
The power tee connects the network to a power source. When connecting to a power source, remember to connect the positive wire to either an ignition switch or a stand- alone switch. This will ensure that your NMEA 2000 network is not draining power when not in use. The Ancor power tee is easily identified by the red tee with yellow couplers on both sides.
Backbone Cable
Connects the Tees
Backbone cables connect tee connectors to one another or to a power tee. Backbone cables are used when the power tee and device are at different locations or when multiple devices are at different locations along the network backbone. Ancor backbone cables have yellow couplers and are made from a heavier gauge wire than Ancor drop cables to help reduce voltage drop along the network backbone. Ancor offers backbone cables in 1.6ft (0.5m), 6.5ft (2m), 16ft (5m) and 32ft (10m) lengths.
Tee Connector
A point for breakoff connecting
Tee connectors create a point within the network backbone to add a drop cable and device. The network backbone will always be linear and may consist of any combination of backbone cables, tee connectors and a power tee. The yellow coupler on the tee connects to the yellow coupler on either side of the power tee or backbone cable. The black coupler on the tee connects to the drop cable. Ancor offers single, two way and four way tee connectors.
Drop Cable
Connects to the Tees of the Backbone
Drop cables connect the network backbone to NMEA 2000 devices. The drop cable connects the tee connectors' black coupler to the NMEA 2000 device. Ancor drop cables have black couplers and are made from a lighter gauge wire than Ancor backbone cables to allow easier wire routing from the network backbone to the NMEA 2000 device. Ancor offers drop cables in 1.6ft (.5m), 3.3ft (1m), 6.5ft (2m) and 16ft (5m) lengths.
NMEA 2000 device
Any electronic device with a NMEA 2000 connection and a NMEA 2000 communication protocol.
NMEA 2000 Certified devices and Approved components are strongly recom- mended as they ensure compatibility and proper data exchange. Common NMEA 2000 devices include chartplotters, engine instruments, GPS units and more.
Terminating Resistors
Terminating the connection
Terminators are required on each end of the network backbone to ensure signal integrity. The yellow coupler on the terminator will connect to the yellow coupler on a tee connector. Ancor terminators are offered with either a male or female coupler to attach to either side of a tee connector at the end of a backbone.

Adding Additional NMEA2000® Devices
  • To add another NMEA 2000 device to the network created in the instruction above, start by determining where you will need to place a drop cable for the device.
  • Once you have determined this location, disconnect the backbone at the closest backbone connection and add in a tee connector. When connecting several drop cables in a similar location use an Ancor 2-way or 4-way tee connector.
  • Reconnect the backbone connection(s) with the new tee connector in place.
  • Connect the drop cable to the black coupler on the tee and then connect to the new NMEA 2000 device.! WARNING Always make sure the NMEA 2000 network has ONLY two total terminating resistors (one at each end of the backbone) and is connected to a power source with a power tee in ONLY one location.
Network Limits
  • Total length of the NMEA 2000 network cannot exceed 328 feet (100 meters)
  • Each drop cable cannot exceed 19.7 feet (6 meters)
  • Total length of all drop cables within the network cannot exceed 256 feet (78 meters)