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Solid State, Digital and HD Radar

Purchasing a Radar today means selecting a Radar Dome or Array that meets your wants and needs, with the manufacturers matching Multi Function Display. Every manufacturer is now introducing amazing new radar technology.
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Marine Radar

Radar is not a new technology, as it has been around since the 1930’s.  However, since that time radar has undergone many improvements.  Today’s solid state technology has many new benefits.  First, the images displayed on today’s radar screens are much clearer than in the past and can be scanned at much closer distances to your boat.  The advantages are that smaller items are easier to identify when picked up with stronger large return objects.  This makes navigating in tight spaces a lot easier and safer.

The second important feature is the instant-on technology.  With solid state systems, gone are the days of having to wait for your radar to warm up from stand-by mode.  In the past this could take several minutes.  Today's marine radar objects appear instantly with a higher degree of accuracy.

Marine radar has also advanced in the areas of lowering both power consumption and harmful emissions.  Today’s systems draw far less power than in the past which has always been an issue for sailors who have to be concerned with battery life when operating their vessels.  Advancements in lowering radar emissions has made it safer than ever before and provided more flexibility as to where the radar dome can be mounted on the boat.

Raymarine Radar Raymarine Quantum Radar with WiFi is the next generation marine radar featuring CHIRP pulse compression technology.  It delivers superior radar imaging on both long and short ranges and connects to your display wirelessly.It has very low power consumption which is a valuable feature for most boaters. The in-close resolution is a remarkable improvement over most radar on the market. as well the light weight is an added benefit for sailors mounting it on their masts.





We also carry Garmin Radar and Simrad Radar two other reliable brands in marine Radar