Martyr Bravo II and III Anode Kits CMBRAVO23KIT #:  31976
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Martyr Bravo II and III Anode Kits CMBRAVO23KIT

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Aluminum, Magnesium, and Zinc Kits for salt, fresh and brackish water use. For Mercruiser Bravo II 1989 to present, and Bravo III from 1989 to 2003.
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Martyr Mercruiser Bravo II and III Anode Kits CMBRAVO23KIT

Fits Mercruiser Bravo II 1989 - Present, and Bravo III 1989 - 2003
  • Trim Tab CM762145 x 1
  • Cavitation Plate CM821630C2 x 1
  • Trim Cylinder CM806190 x 2
Note: Bravo III 2004 and newer use the CM865182KITA

Fit the correct anode material for the waters your vessel is operating in As a general rule owner should fit the anodes suitable for the environment they most regularly berth in and the following table provides a useful guide:

Salt Water Fit Zinc or Aluminum Anodes
In Brackish Water Fit Aluminum Anodes
In Fresh Water Fit Magnesium Anode

Some vessels will from time to time move between salt and fresh water, others are berthed within marinas and behind tidal barriers where the water is enclosed and likely to be brackish or even virtually fresh. Owners must be aware of the effects that this may have on their boats and fit the correct cathodic protection system to avoid corrosion.

Not all anodes are suitable for every environment, for example, the surface of a zinc or aluminum anode will if left in fresh water for some time become covered with an off white crust of oxide which effectively seals the anode and stops it working even when returned to salt water. Zinc Anodes suffer a similar problem even in brackish conditions whereas Aluminum will continue to operate effectively in river estuaries and other areas of brackish water indefinitely.
The consequences of this passivity of the anode are that the next most anodic item within the anode bonding system will start to sacrifice itself which could, of course, be very serious.

It is therefore very important to check Zinc and Aluminum anodes after any trips into fresh water and if necessary clean off or change the anodes. Should a vessel move into fresh water for more than two weeks Martyr recommends that an alternative anode system is used suitable for fresh water situations.

Magnesium Anodes, on the other hand, have a much higher driving voltage than zinc or aluminum making them highly suitable for use in fresh water, they will however become very active in salt water where they will probably only last a matter of months. 
Protected surfaces can build up a layer of off white calcareous deposit which will be difficult to remove.
Magnesium anodes are not designed for prolonged use in sea water and if you are taking your boat into a salt water location for more than seven days (Fourteen days in any one year) you should consider changing the anodes.

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 Aluminum Anode Kit 
Aluminum Anode #: 31976 
Martyr Bravo II and III for Salt & Brackish Water
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Magnesium Anode #: 42078 
Martyr Bravo II and III for Fresh Water
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