Balmar 100A Yanmar Alternator Kit with Max Charge Voltage Regulator #:  38291
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Balmar 100A Yanmar Alternator Kit with Max Charge Voltage Regulator

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Save time, and money with a Balmar 60 Series 100A Alternator, and a premium Max Charge MC-614-H multi stage Voltage Regulator. Kit includes Alternator and Battery Temperature sensors. For use with Yanmar, Westerbeke, Lehman and Perkins-Sabre engines with 3.15" ID saddle style mounts.
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MFG Part#:   60-YP-MC-100-SV
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Balmar Alternator Regulator Kits are factory matched to provide optimal performance and ease of installation, based on engine manufacturer and model. This kit includes a 60-100-SV Alternator, MC-614 Regulator, Temperature Sensors, Mounting Hardware.

The Balmar 60-100-SV Alternator is a 100A, 12V, saddle mount (Dual Foot), 3.15", single deep vee pulley, with isolated ground and Hitachi-Style Mounting. Typical for Yanmar, Westerbeke, Lehman & Perkins-Sabre Engines. (This kit replaces the 60-YP-MC-100-SR-KIT.)  

This kit includes the premium smart, multi-stage Balmar Max Charge MC-614-H Voltage Regulator, which sets the standard for smart, multi-stage 12V charge control. The MC-614-H includes a wiring harness, and is engineered to tailor charging, based on battery technology and environmental conditions. The MC-614 features seven user-adjustable battery programs, plus a wealth of advanced programming features. User adjustable programs are available for standard and deep-cycle flooded, gel, AGM, spiral wound AGM, voltage-sensitive halogen systems, as well as a default program safe for most battery types.

Kit also comes with a Balmar MC-TS-A Alternator Temperature Sensor and a Balmar MC-TS-B Battery Temperature Sensor, along with easy-to-follow instructions for installation and programming.

60-YP kits are designed for most Yanmar engines which feature a 3.15” saddle-style alternator. Yanmar 3JH, 4JH, 3GM and other small and medium range diesels using Hitachi 55 and 80-amp alternators are supported. Many Westerbeke and Lehman engines, as well as Mercruiser gasoline engines share the 3.15” saddle style mount. 60-YP packages include installation hardware kits for added convenience.

60-Series Alternator/Regulator Packages are appropriate for gasoline or diesel engines, and meet both USCG and international ISO and SAE standards for ignition protection. In addition to the external voltage regulator, 60-Series alternators deliver the added convenience of built-in back up voltage regulation.

The premium Max Charge Voltage Regulator provides a dependable source of alternator control at a fixed 14.1 volts. All 60-Series alternators feature a dedicated, isolated ground for optimal continuity to system ground.

Light-duty 60-Series Alternators are engineered to replace most OEM alternators on a wide variety of marine gasoline and diesel engines. Other kits are available in outputs ranging from 70-amp to 150-amp at 12 volts, and 70 amps at 24 volts, 60-Series alternators provide a simple and effective tool for supporting upgraded battery systems and increased electrical loads.

Kit Includes:

  • MC-614-H Voltage Regulator
  • Wiring Harness
  • MC-TS-A Alternator Temperature Sensor
  • MC-TS-B Battery Temperature Sensor

  Balmar 60-YP-MC-100-SV

  Balmar MC-614-H.pdf

Balmar 60-100-SR-IG Alternator Specifications

  • ALTERNATOR STYLE: Small case, positive field excitation (p-type)
  • EXTERNAL REGULATION: P-type, fixed voltage or multi-stage
  • INTERNAL REGULATION: Fixed voltage regulator
  • CASE CONSTRUCTION: Ventilated cast aluminum. High-impact plastic rear cover
  • FINISH: White powdercoat
  • COOLING: Dual internal fans
  • BEARINGS: Sealed ball bearing. Heavy duty radial (front) Heavy duty radial (rear)
  • TENSIONING ARM: Five position crown; M8 x 1.25
  • AVAILABLE OUTPUTS: 70A/12V. 100A/12V. 120A/12V. 150A/12V. 70A/24V
  • MOUNTING STYLES: 3.15" I.D. Saddle (Model 60) 4" I.D. Saddle (Model 604) 1” / 2” Single Foot (Model 621)
  • MOUNTING FOOT BORE: (60/604) 8mm or 10mm (621) 1” foot / ½”, 2” foot / 3/8”
  • GROUNDING: Dedicated terminal (case isolated) Stud dimensions: M8 x 1.25
  • POSITIVE OUTPUT: Threaded stud. Stud dimensions: M8 x 1.25
  • LAMP OUTPUT: D+ (low voltage / low current). Stud dimensions: 10 x 24
  • AC / STATOR OUTPUT: 12 pulse. Stator output wire included in pigtail plug.
  • VOLTAGE REGULATION: 14.1-volt (12V internal) 28.2-volt (24V internal)
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 180°F/82°C / 225°F/108°C
  • LOW RPM CUT-IN: 1,320
  • DIODES +/-: 3 (positive), 3 (negative); 50-amp rated
  • WARRANTY: One year limited (SEE WARRANTY PAGE)

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