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Selma Fid Set - 5 Splicing FidsOn Sale #:  15020
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Selma Fid Set - 5 Splicing Fids

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The five Selma fids are packed inside each other and come in a storage tube.
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Brand:  Selma Fids
MFG Part#:   Selma
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Selma Fids

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Set of 5 Selma Splicing Fids.

Selma Fids are the only splicing tool in the world that can cover every splicing function on a vessel. Selma Fids (Needles) are made from highly polished stainless steel. They are patented Worldwide and each fid is embossed with the manufacturers mark for authenticity. 
They are used for splicing doublebraid (braid-on-braid rope), 3-strand rope & also hollowbraid rope. They come in a protective case complete with detailed illustrated instructions. They are used in the marine, equestrian (Parelli), arborist & industrial rigging sectors for splicing Loop splices, eye splices, back splices & end-to-end splices. 
They can splice doublebraid rope from 6mm (1/4") to 32mm (1 1/4"); 3-strand construction up to 36 mm (1 1/2"); 12-Strand & Hollowbraid ropes from 4mm (1/8") to 20mm (3/4").
Eye splice on double braided line (Samson Line)

Equipment required: Selma – fids, knife, marking pen and tape. Find the right Fid (Needle) for measuring and splicing.
If the line is too tight, use a smaller Fid (Needle). Bevel-cut and tape the line-end.

Mark the rope one Fid length from the end. A.
Mark again at B according to the loop size. Tie a knot
about 6 in. from B.

Extract the core at B using a small Selma fid.
Take out the slack from the cover by sliding your hand
from the knot towards B.

Withdraw one more Fid – length of core from B
and mark this point C. Withdraw another 2/3 of a
Fid and mark it D on the core.

To make the splicing easy, extract some more core
and make a lock on jusing a small Fid near B. Find the
right Fid for splicing. Feed cover-end into Fid
at C and take it out at D. Remove Fid 
and poll cover back into core until end is hidden.

Attach the core-end into Fid and insert
Fid near C and out of cover 1 in. past B.

Pull the core through the cover until the slack is taken up.

Get the splice (C-D) into cover by sliding the cover back
over until it reaches point A. Point A and B should now meet.
Cut off the exposed core and strech the eye until the
core goes under the cover.

You have made a perfect eye-splice. If you want to
insert a thimble, the eye-size is to be calculated less than
the circumfence of the thimble.
If desired a thimble can be inserted. Press cover towards thimble, and secure by whipping with twine.
Splicing three stranded rope

Untwist the strands and make 1, 2 and 3 ready.
Decide eye size. Put strand 1 under upper strand of
rope. Turn eye counterclockwise until strand 2 is up.

Put strand 2 under strand of rope next to cord 1.
Turn eye counterclockwise until 3 is up.

Put strand 3 under cord of rope next to strand 2.
You have now made one round of splicing. Tighten
up strands after each round.

Start second round by going with strand 1 over strand of
rope and under the next. Do the same with strand 2 and 3.

Do four rounds with all strands. Cut ends near
rope and the splice is finished.

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