Harken R32 Big Boat CB Low Beam Pin Stop 32 mm Track

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Harken R32 Big Boat CB Low Beam Pin Stop 32 mm Track

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Various lengths of R32 Captive Ball Big Boat Traveler Track with 100 mm fastener spacing.
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Binnacle.com:   #HR32.1.5M
Brand:  Harken
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MFG Part#:   R32
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Harken R32 Big Boat CB Low Beam Pin Stop 32 mm Track

Various lengths of Low-Beam R32 Big Boat Captive Ball Pin Stop Track with 100 mm fastener spacing, designed for use with Harken Captive Ball 32 mm Big Boat Traveler Cars, Genoa Cars and Spinnaker Pole Cars.
Track is extruded from high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and hard coat anodized for a hard, long-lasting surface.
  • Weight per Meter: 52.0 oz (1.47 kg)
  • Fasteners: 3/8" FH (10 mm)
  • Mounting hole spacing: 3-15/16" (100 mm)
Additional freight rates apply to 2.4 meter lengths. Contact info@binnacle.com for more information.

Harken R32 Big Boat Low Beam Pin Stop Track Dimensions

  Harken R32/R32HB Big Boat CB Track Installation Manual

Harken Traveler Track Q&A 

Can I use any Harken traveler car on any Harken track?

Harken traveler systems are grouped into seven basic families and are not interchangeable. These families are 13 mm Micro, 22 mm Small Boat, 27 mm Midrange, 32 mm Big Boat, 42 mm Mini-Maxi, 64 mm Maxi, and CRX (available in 32 mm Big Boat and 42 mm Mini-Maxi). After you select the appropriate track group for your boat size and type, you must choose traveler components from the same group.

Can I use Harken ball bearing traveler cars on other manufacturers' track?

No, almost every manufacturer uses different track. Each family of Harken ball bearing cars is specially designed for different applications and loads, and track is shaped to fit these features.
How do I know what size traveler to put on my boat?

The size of your traveler depends on your boats sail area, the location of the mainsheet on the boom (end-boom or mid-boom sheeting), and whether the boat is a monohull or multihull.
How do I know what size Harken track is on my boat?

The quickest way to determine your boat's track family is to measure the width of the track across the top.

Micro: 13 mm (1/2")
Small Boat: 22 mm (7/8")
Midrange: 27 mm (1 1/16")
Big Boat: 32 mm (1 1/4")

I have old-style Harken non-CB track and want to upgrade to a CB+ traveler car. Do I have to replace my track?
No. CB+ cars can be modified to run on old-style non-CB Harken track (supplied until 2002). To retrofit, remove the car retainer clip, remove the ball-routing corners, then use a ball loader to replace the bearings and transfer the car onto non-CB track. Now you can use all the configurations available for modern CB systems: low-profile ESP controls attached directly to the car, genoa lead cars with black racing-style sideplates, pivoting sheave catamaran cars, and soft attachments. Look for a + sign at the end of the car to confirm it is a CB+ car. 
What happens if I force a Harken CB-only car (not CB+) onto a non-CB track?

Only CB+ cars can be modified. A CB-only car won't roll on non-CB track and can damage your equipment. The balls skid instead of roll and will soon flatten out. If you're lucky you'll be left with an extremely high-friction slider car. 
How do I take my classic non-CB traveler car off the track without losing the balls?

To prevent the balls from spilling out, use the blue car loader that came with the car. If misplaced, contact Technical or Customer Service and we'll send you a car loader as soon as possible. You can determine if you need a Small Boat, Midrange, or Big Boat loader by measuring the width of the track across the top; 22 mm Small Boat is 22 mm (7/8"), 27 mm Midrange is 1 1/16", and 32 mm Big Boat is 1 1/4" wide.
How do I get a curved traveler track?

Harken will be happy to bend your track for a reasonable surcharge and match it to your chord length and depth information, pattern, or the old track itself. If you only need a slight vertical bend, you can use the fasteners to bolt it down into a curve. Start in the middle and then alternate back and forth, port side to starboard side, using the fastener to draw it to the mounting surface. Note: This places the fasteners and mounting surface under a greater strain. See Curved Track.
How do I cut track?

Use a hacksaw. Remember to leave room for the trim caps or end stops if you cut it yourself. As always, measure twice, cut once. If you have questions or need help, contact Harken Technical Service; technicalservice@harken.com

When should I replace track?

Usually, you only need to clean your cars and track with soap and water to achieve better performance. If cleaning does not help, your track may be damaged. Consider replacement if it is too dinged or corroded.
How do I mount new track if my old track had non-standard or 76.2 mm (3.00") on-center hole spacing?

Use Small Boat, Midrange, or Big Boat high-beam variable hole spacing track. The bolts slide to allow the track to adapt to any hole spacing.
What track sizes and hole spacings are available? 

22 mm Small Boat CB Track: 
  • Metric 100 mm spacing: 2720 Low-Beam, 2725 High-Beam, 2751 Low-Beam Pin Stop
  • Variable Hole Spacing Track for any spacing: 2721 High-Beam
  • Retrofit 4.00" Hole Spacing Track: 373 Low-Beam, 374 High-Beam
27 mm Mid Range CB Track: 
  • Metric 100 mm spacing: R27 Low-Beam
  • Variable Hole Spacing Track for any spacing: R27HB High-Beam
  • Retrofit 4.00" Hole Spacing Track: 1602 Low-Beam
32 mm Big Boat CB Track:
  • Metric 100 mm spacing: R32 Low-Beam
  • Variable Hole Spacing Track for any spacing: R32HB High-Beam
  • Retrofit 4.00" Hole Spacing Track: 3159 Low-Beam 

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 1.5 m 
1.5 mBinnacle.com #: HR32.1.5M 
1.5 Meter Length
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1.8 Meter Length
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2.1 Meter Length
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2.4 mBinnacle.com #: HR32.2.4M 
2.4 Meter Length
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