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Rocna Stainless Steel Anchor 4 Kg.

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Designed in New Zealand by Peter Smith, a Kiwi boat-builder and cruiser. Rocna's unique design delivers outstanding performance.
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Rocna Stainless Steel Anchor 4 Kg

Recommended by Rocna for vessels sizes listed below:

Length x Weight (1 Tonne = 2,200 Pounds)

  • 4 m (13') - Up to 2 Tonne
  • 5 m (16') - Up to 1 Tonne
  • 6 m (20') - Up to 1/2 Tonne
Rocna Anchors feature:
  • Fast Set Typically Buried Within 3 Feet
  • Tenacious Holding
  • Sand, Mud, Clay, or Weeds
  • Stays Buried Even With Veering Loads
  • Rugged Construction, with high tensile shank
  • Local or Offshore cruising, Power or Sail
The Rocna was designed in New Zealand by Peter Smith, a Kiwi boat-builder and cruiser.

Dissatisfied with the performance of currently available anchors, Mr. Smith spent several years developing an anchor which would address the shortcomings identified in other anchors he'd used.

Testing each prototype aboard his 50' 27-ton aluminum alloy sloop Kiwi Roa, the design was improved until he was satisfied that he had achieved the optimal combination of features.

Rocna: New-Generation Anchor

Recent independent tests by Sail Magazine, Practical Sailor and Cruising World show that Rocna New-Generation type anchors consistently outperform the more traditional plow and claw-type designs.

The Rocna's unique design delivers outstanding performance, as displayed in the Sail Magazine anchor testing, where Rocna was the #1 performing anchor in the critical "Max Hold Before Release" test - the maximum holding power generated before the anchor started to drag.

The Rocna provided over 40% higher holding power than the second-best anchor!

The Rocna implements several features which contribute to its unique combination of quality, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Feature Benefit
All steel construction, no lead inserts Thicker steel sections provide higher strength for a given anchor weight
Modern High Tensile Steel used in the shank Extremely rugged construction resists deformation even under heavy or shock loading
Large projected blade area Maximum holding power, particularly important in soft sand or mud
Chisel blade tip Cuts through weeds, grass, or kelp
Rollbar Ensures anchor will immediately turn over and start to penetrate
Increases tip force, ensuring rapid penetration even in hard or weedy conditions
Optimized tip configuration and blade angle Extremely fast set typically buried within 3 feet.
Concave blade surface Piles up material in front of the blade, increasing holding power
Remains buried, even under heavy or veering loads
Tight curve radius between shank and blade Locks anchor into bow roller, preventing movement even when working into heavy seas

  Rocna Anchors User's Guide

Selecting the correctly sized anchor to match your boat is not quite as simple as it may first seem. There are many factors to consider, including displacement, overall length, windage profile, and the conditions in which you intend to use your Rocna. Most manufacturers provide a very simple guide using only LOA, or displacement, for their different anchor sizes. We have gone a step further.

The following chart will give you a good indication of which Rocna we would recommend for your vessel. Match your vessel’s length with the most appropriate displacement in metric tonnes (T) (2,200 lbs) - if in doubt, always tend toward the larger anchor model.


There is a tendency amongst anchor manufacturers to recommend sizes smaller than required. For example, a certain world-renowned name-brand advises the use of a 20 Kg anchor on a heavy cruising yacht of LOA up to 14.8m. This recommendation is clearly far too light. 

Another brand states that “a working anchor should hold up to 30 knots of wind”. Again, we consider this recommendation would lead to an undersized anchor.

We have resisted this temptation, and the above recommendations are appropriate for heavy-duty use. In our view, a working anchor should hold its boat in all but the most extreme weather.

Boat Length (up to)
Rocna Model
4 Kg
6 Kg
10 Kg
15 Kg
20 Kg
25 Kg
33 Kg
40 Kg
55 Kg
70 Kg
110 Kg
13' (4 m) <2T                    
16' (5 m) <1T <5T                  
20' (6 m) <0.5 <4T                  
23' (7 m)   <2T <7T                
26' (8 m)   <1T <6T <10T              
30' (9 m)     <5T <9T <16T            
33' (10 m)     <4T <8T <14T <25T          
36' (11 m)     <3T <7T <12T <20T <30T        
39' (12 m)       <6T <10T <15T <25T        
46' (14 m)         <7T <12T <20T <40T      
52' (16 m)           <9T <15T <33T <60T    
59' (18 m)             <12T <25T <50T <90T  
66' (20 m)             <10T <18T <40T <80T  
72' (22 m)               <12T <30T <70T <150T
79' (24 m)                 <25T <60T <130T
85' (26 m)                 <22T <50T <115T
92' (28 m)                   <45T <100T
98' (30 m)                   <40T <90T
115' (35 m)                     <80T
131' (40 m)                     <70T
148' (45 m)                     <60T
Anchor Weight 4 kg (9lbs) 6 kg (13lbs) 10 kg (22lbs) 15 kg (33lbs) 20 kg (44lbs) 25 kg (55lbs) 33 kg (73lbs) 40 kg (88lbs) 55 kg (121lbs) 70 kg (154lbs) 110 kg (243lbs)
Blade Surface Area (cm sq) 460 590 795 1030 1140 1415 1695 1945 2300 2690 3300

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