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Maxwell HRC10 Horizontal Windlass - 5/16" 1000W 12V #: 40754 

Our Price: $2,159.00 
Maxwell RC8 Windlass - 5/16" 1000W 12V #: 39533 

Our Price: $1,599.00 
Lewmar Windlass Kit CPX1 5/16 Gypsy #: 32543 

Our Price: $878.95 
Lewmar Windlass V700 Kit - 1/4 in. G4 Chain/Rope Gypsy 12V #: 19430 

Our Price: $783.95 
Lewmar HX1 Windlass w 5/16HT Gypsy 800W #: 32607 

Our Price: $799.95 
Lewmar HX1 Windlass with Drum 5/16HT Gypsy 800W #: 32168 

Our Price: $927.95 
Lofrans Royal Windlass - Manual #: 32050 

Our Price: $899.95
Sale: $799.95
You Save: $100.00!
Lofrans Tigres Windlass 12V 1500W #: 31599 

Our Price: $2,199.95
Sale: $1,879.95
You Save: $320.00!
Lofrans Tigres Windlass 24V 1500W #: 34106 

Our Price: $1,849.95 
Lofrans Cayman 88 Windlass 12V 1000W #: 32048 

Our Price: $1,999.95
Sale: $1,649.95
You Save: $350.00!
Lofrans Project X2 Windlass Lo-profile 1000W 12V #: 32151 

Our Price: $1,239.00 
Lofrans Project X3 Windlass Capstan 1500W #: 32264 

Our Price: $2,399.95
Sale: $1,999.95
You Save: $400.00!
Lofrans Kobra Windlass 1000W 12V #: 36014 

Our Price: $1,899.95
Sale: $1,499.95
You Save: $400.00!
Lofrans Falkon Windlass 12V 1700 Watt 3/8 in. HT Gypsy #: 45552 

Our Price: $3,699.00
Sale: $3,499.95
You Save: $199.05!
Maxwell HRC-FF 8 Horizontal Windlass - 5/16 in. Short Link 12V DC 600W #: 40753 

Our Price: $1,039.00 
Maxwell RC8 Windlass with Capstan - 5/16 in. 12V DC 1000W #: 40751 

Our Price: $1,639.00 
Maxwell RC10 Windlass Lo Profile - 3/8 in. 12V DC 1200W #: 40752 

Our Price: $2,039.00 
Endurance WCH1000 Capstan Deck Winch #: 24589 

Our Price: $551.95 
Lewmar Pro Series 1000 Windlass Kit For 5/16 in. G4 Chain #: 19217 

Our Price: $919.95 
Lewmar ProSeries 700G Windlass Kit For 1/4 in. G4 Chain #: 19069 

Our Price: $879.95 
Lewmar Pro-fish Windlass Free-fall Pkg 1000 5/16 in. #: 19218 

Our Price: $959.95 
Lewmar V1 Windlass w Gypsy For 5/16 in. G4 Chain #: 19265 

Our Price: $1,399.00 
Lewmar V2 Windlass w Gypsy For 5/16 in. G40 Chain #: 19194 

Our Price: $1,679.00 
Lewmar Windlass V3 Gypsy/drum 5/16 in. 12V Fastfit Kit #: 19282 

Our Price: $1,839.00 
Lofrans Project X2 Windlass w Drum 1000W 12V #: 32281 

Our Price: $1,649.00
Sale: $1,329.95
You Save: $319.05!
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How to choose a Windlass

A Windlass is essentially an electric winch that is installed in the bow of a boat and used for winching up an anchor and anchor rode. There are two main types of Windlasses - Horizontal and Vertical. This refers to the position of the windlass motor. Horizontal windlasses such as the Lofrans Tigres sit above the deck and the motor is horizontal in position. The vertical windlass has a lower profile because the motor is positioned vertically below the deck. The horizontal windlass typically has the gypsy positioned  perpendicular to the deck and the vertical windlass gypsy is positioned parrallel to the deck.
Almost all windlasses come with a solenoid/control box but most do not include the foot switches, circuit breaker, toggle switch or wiring required for a new install. Check the windlass specifications to see what size wire and breaker is required for safe operation. The most common gypsy sizes are 5/16 HT, 3/8 HT and 3/8 BBB. Make sure you know your chain size before ordering the windlass. The chain size/type is typically stamped on the links. Another consideration when choosing a windlass is the motor size or wattage output. Most windlass motors range from 700 watts to 1500 watts for the Lofrans Tigres. You want to make sure you have enough pulling power to raise your anchor and rode.

Lofrans X2 Windlass  Lofrans X2 Vertical Windlass

Lofrans Tigres Windlass Lofrans Tigres Horizontal Windlass

Lewmar ProFish Windlass Lewmar ProFish Windlass