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International Laser Class Association

International Laser Class Association
With over 215,000 hulls built since it was first conceived and active class associations in over 120 countries around the world, the Laser continues to serve as the boat of choice for single handed sailing competition. 

ILCA - Protecting the One Design Principle
One important job ILCA has to do is to protect the One Design Rules: When the Laser class boat was first introduced, a set of rules were drafted which, at the time, were very different from other existing classes. 

The rules for other classes listed a number of prohibitions which led to developers trying out new ideas if the idea was not specifically prohibited. The result of this is that quite often older boats became outdated with a subsequent loss in value. 

The ILCA Class Rules are different in that they prohibit ANY changes unless the rules specifically allow a change. 

This means that a 10 year old boat is the same as a brand new one, and as a result holds its resale value far better.
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As low as: $27.95

Allen A2021HK Single 20 mm Block with Hook #: 10995 

Our Price: $22.40 
As low as: $309.95

Allen A8331 Vang System #: 10985 

Our Price: $249.95 
As low as: $419.95

Allen A8332 Cunningham and Outhaul Race Pack #: 10984 

Our Price: $339.95 
As low as: $27.95

Allen A.165LZ V Cleat with Double Sheave & Becket #: 23667 

Our Price: $22.20 
As low as: $7.95

Allen A.134 Acetal Fairlead Laser® Bow #: 23668 

Our Price: $6.20 
As low as: $24.95

Allen A4152 Bullseye Fairlead with Stainless Steel Inner #: 23674 

Our Price: $19.95 
As low as: $29.95

Ronstan RF20180 S20 Cunningham Hook Block #: 10869 

Our Price: $23.95 
As low as: $36.95

Optiparts EX2070 Laser Auto Bailer #: 44021 

Our Price: $31.95 
As low as: $2.95

RWO R2060 Bayonet Bung & Socket - Pair #: 23598 

Our Price: $7.20 
As low as: $27.95

Allen A2021F Single 20 mm Block with Fork Head #: 10889 

Our Price: $22.95 
As low as: $19.95

Allen A.278-74 Single Plain Bearing 38 mm Block with Inglefield Clip #: 23654 

Our Price: $15.95 
As low as: $14.95

Allen A.178-74 Single Plain Bearing 25 mm Block with Inglefield Clip #: 23652 

Our Price: $11.95 
As low as: $49.95

Magic Marine Laser Foil Bag #: 38746 

Our Price: $100.95 
As low as: $619.95

Dynamic Laser® Dolly Type 2 12002 #: 32143 

Our Price: $529.95 
As low as: $79.95

Harken 57mm Single Carbo Ratchet Block with Swivel #: H2135 

Our Price: $66.45 
As low as: $79.95

Harken 57mm Single Carbo Ratchet Block with Swivel Red #: H2135.RED 

Our Price: $69.95 
As low as: $19.95

Optiparts EX2072 Laser® Auto Bailer Repair Kit #: 44022 

Our Price: $15.95 
As low as: $26.95

Harken 365 Carbo-Cam Cleat #: H365 

Our Price: $31.95 
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