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Lifejackets & Foam PFDs

Mustang, Spinlock, Baltic and Salus
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Baltic 5513 Pilot with Harness #: 23258 
Our Price: $159.95 
Baltic Canoe Hydro 40+ Kg #: 10698 

Our Price: $67.95 
Baltic Dinghy Pro PFD #: 16485 
Our Price: $95.95 
Gul Garda 50N Buoyancy Aid #: 33245 
Our Price: $103.95 
Mustang MD7183 Khimera Dual Floatation PFD #: 15959 
Our Price: $239.95 
Mustang MIS220 HR Neoprene Cold Water Immersion Suit with Harness #: 16065 
Our Price: $559.95 
Mustang MV7050 Destiny Front Zip PFD Vest for Women #: 39586 
Our Price: $127.95 
Mustang MV7060 Vibe Pull Over PFD Vest #: 39582 
Our Price: $127.95 
Mustang MV7061 Cascade PFD Vest #: 12778 
Our Price: $175.95 
Mustang MV7160 Trident Front Zip PFD Vest #: 39580 
Our Price: $119.95 
Mustang MV8035 4-ONE SOLAS Lifejacket Child #: 16415 

Our Price: $143.95 
Salus Abacus Sail Vest PFD #: 16252 
Our Price: $144.95 
Salus Coastal Vest with Safety Harness #: 40081 
Our Price: $129.95 
Salus Comfort Fit PFD Vest Gold #: 16257 
Our Price: $83.95 
Salus Comfort Fit PFD Vest Red with Pockets #: 16256 
Our Price: $91.45 
Salus Eddy Flex Paddling PFD Vest #: 16342 
Our Price: $119.95 
Salus LS-550 Leg Strap for Coastal PFD #: 16162 

Our Price: $22.70 
Salus Nimbus Child Vest PFD #: 16389 
Our Price: $89.95 
Salus Regatta PFD Sailing Vest #: 16331 
Our Price: $114.95 
Sea Dog 571260-1 Lifejacket Whistle with 36 in. Lanyard #: 10326 

Our Price: $7.20 
WIP Light Vest 50N Black #: 14446 
Our Price: $123.95 
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There are two main types of PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) more commonly called "Lifejackets":

Inflatables which are activated by a CO2 cartridge.

Foam vests which contain foam enclosed by a waterproof fabric such as nylon.

If you are engaged in an activity such as Kayaking, Canoeing, Dragon Boat racing or Dinghy Sailing where you can expect to get quite wet, you may prefer a foam vest to avoid unnecessary activation from an inflatable vest. You will want a soft pliable foam PFD that is comfortable to wear and allows mobility of arm and shoulder movement. The Salus Eddy vest is one of the most popular vests for these boating activities because it does not restrict the torso and allows full arm and shoulder movement. It is also very comfortable to wear for long periods of time on the water.

Another common boating activity that requires a foam PFD because the boater gets quite wet is dinghy sailing such as Optimist, Laser or 420. The Salus Abacus PFD and the Baltic Dinghy Pro vest are popular choices for these boaters. The Baltic Dinghy Pro is worn by Olympians and World champion sailors.

It is always advisable to carefully read the product descriptions on our website to make sure the PFD is appropriate for your Boating activity and as always if you have a question please feel free send us an email from the contact page.