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IMO Navigation and Rescue

The Navigation and Rescue category of IMO titles contains the three IAMSAR Volume's, the International Code of Signals, and Life Saving Appliances; as well as an additional selection of International Maritime Organization publications.
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IMO COLREG Collision Regulations 2003 Edition #: IMO904 

Our Price: $18.20 
IMO International SafetyNET Manual 2017 Edition #: IMO908 

Our Price: $21.45 
IMO MSI Manual on Maritime Safety Information 2015 Edition #: IMO910 

Our Price: $27.95 
IMO Pocket Guide for Cold Water Survival 2012 Edition #: IMO946 

Our Price: $19.95 
IMO Pocket Guide to Recovery Techniques 2014 Edition #: IMO947 

Our Price: $18.20 
IMO NAVTEX Manual 2017 Edition #: IMO951 

Our Price: $27.20 
IMO International Convention on Search and Rescue 1979 (SAR 1979) 2006 Edition #: IMO955 

Our Price: $18.20 
IMO IAMSAR Volume I 2019 Consolidated Edition #: IMO960 

Our Price: $47.95 
IMO IAMSAR Manual Volume III - Action Cards 2019 Edition #: IMO966 

Our Price: $22.20 
IMO GMDSS Operating Guidance Card 1992 Edition #: IMO969 

Our Price: $18.20 
IMO Guidance Card on GMDSS Alerts 2013 Edition #: IMO971 

Our Price: $19.20 
IMO Poster: Symbols Related to Life Saving Appliances and Arrangements #: IMO981 

Our Price: $27.20 
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